Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New blog!

Hello my dear family and friends!

Welcome to my new blog. I haven't decided if I actually like the name of the blog yet, so it may change in the future, but bear with me for the time being. Suggestions are always welcome for new names.

These last few months Ian and I have tried our best to get out of the house and do some exploring on the weekends. I need time away from thinking about my thesis writing, and we are always looking for new dog-friendly adventures. We are now the proud owners of passes for both Historic Scotland and the National Trust, giving us free entry to many historic sites all over Scotland and England (and Wales and Northern Ireland, too). As we have recently been visiting many of these sites, and taking the dog along with us on these adventures, Ian suggested I start a blog about these visits. We have decided it will be our goal to visit each of the places listed in the Historic Scotland guidebook over the next few years, with many visits to English Heritage, National Trust of Scotland, and National Trust of England visits thrown in for good measure. A big task, but one that we hope to complete however long it takes.

This goal to visit as many sites as possible, as well as recently acquiring a nice new camera, I though I would start blogging about these weekend trips. Not only do I intend to re-live our explorations of these priceless treasures of the UK, but I also want to use this blog as a place to share some of my photos.

 I also hope this blog can be of some help to dog owners traveling around the UK. Every weekend before we leave the house on our adventures we search through our guidebooks and on the internet to try to figure out if the sites we want to visit are dog-friendly. I have found that, while there are some helpful websites out there, it is quite difficult to establish whether a historic site is dog-friendly, or not. I will note in this blog what we have found in regards to this problem; whether dogs are allowed on site, only on the grounds, or not at all.

I hope that whoever should view this blog finds it entertaining and, perhaps, useful.

Now...let's start exploring!!

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